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Do I need to go to the gym every day?

For hard gainers going every day is not recommended. Your body needs a good amount of time for rest and recovery, which is not possible if you are pushing it every day. Depending on how your workouts are split you may require three to five sessions. Our Fundamental Weight Gaining programme has four weekly sessions.

When will I see results?

Everyone is different, and some will see physical changes earlier than others. Don’t stress yourself out with the short-term results, think long-term as the results will come anyway. You will feel the results of your workout in the first week, and you will notice as you track and log your workouts that you will be getting stronger. The gains in weight will be slow, but they will come. There is no shortcut to speed up the process, follow the programme and you will get there. The time will pass anyway, so work towards your goal and see it through.

We recommend taking a before picture from the front, side and back and using that as a benchmark to show your physical progress.

What happens if I lose weight?

You may find times when your weight drops. It happens to the best of us. Weight can fluctuate throughout the day, and water retention can change in your body under varying circumstances. Don’t let it put you off, keep pushing yourself through it. If you notice you’re losing weight more regularly then you will need to assess your calorie intake as you’re most likely not consuming enough to sustain the increase in physical activity. You can resolve the problem and come out better off.

I can’t fit the gym in with my social life/work

If this is a problem then it’s time to reassess your priorities and decide what means more to you. Following a gym programme is essential for gaining muscle mass, and there’s no way to avoid that for reaching your goal. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. Look at your work schedule and social calendar and see where you could make compromises. Is it possible that you could start your day earlier and fit the gym in before work? Or possibly in between work and social events? Could you go to the gym on your days off? Or could you cut back on social events to fit the gym in? By no means do you need to sacrifice your entire social life to work out, but you need to find a balance if you want to make it work.

What happens if I miss something? An exercise or day at the gym, or even a meal …

Don’t stress over it. Life happens and occasionally other things get in the way. Write those few days off, and pick up where you left off the next day. The occasional day won’t damage your progress, just make sure it doesn’t become habit.

How will I know I’m progressing?

You’ll notice after the first week that your body will be sore (luckily this initial soreness doesn’t last long). Physical changes may not be obvious straight away, but by logging your workouts you’ll see your progression week after week.

I want to lift the heavy weights but I’m struggling

Take your time and work your way up gradually. Your body needs time to adjust to the workouts and will gain strength as you progress. As long as you are lifting heavier each workout you will get there. Weight increases don’t need to be much, but over time they will soon stack up. Make sure your getting the right amount of carbs and protein in your diet to aid recovery, which will also help you with your workouts.

The gym is too busy

This can be frustrating, but it can be manageable. If you need equipment that is already in use, you could try asking to share with the other person, one of you performs a set while the other rests and vice-versa. You can also consider restructuring your workout to perform your exercises in a different order, depending on availability. If nothing works and the gym is just too busy to complete your workout within a reasonable amount of time, then it may be worth going at a different time, or if that’s not possible changing to a different gym.

I can’t get motivated to go to the gym – I can’t get up in the morning or I’m too tired after work

Being motivated to go to the gym takes a lot of discipline, but if you make it part of your routine by always going on the same days at the same time, it becomes a lot easier. Making it a habit almost removes the thought process which is where the doubt starts to creep in.

Find a time of day that suits you, and go for it without giving a second thought. If you’re going to go in the mornings before work, set your alarm and get up as soon as the alarm goes off. Don’t lay in bed and second think it because you risk searching for justifications to stay in bed longer. Remember your goals and why you started in the first place, and throw yourself into it.

I’m not progressing as fast as other people

Everyone will progress at a different rate, this is entirely normal. As long as you are progressing none-the-less, do not worry about anyone else but yourself. There are so many factors that affect weight gain, no two people will be the same. Unfortunately there will be people out there that find the task easier and will progress faster, but it’s not worth competing with them. Instead focus on yourself and the goals you have set yourself. Make sure you’re progressing at a rate your body can handle, and whilst your journey may be a bit longer, the results will be worth it.

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