Hardgainer gym transformation

Chris Pettican

My Story

Growing up and even throughout my twenties I was skinny. I knew it when I looked in the mirror and everything I wore just hung from my shapeless body. What got to me the most were the comments from people, who for some reason thought it was acceptable to talk about my weight. Let me be clear, I wasn’t skinny by choice. I ate, but it just never stuck with me.

“You look like you need a good meal.” Why people think this is acceptable is beyond me, and even today it really gets beneath my skin. Most people wouldn’t turn to someone who is overweight and tell them they need to stop eating. It’s not socially acceptable because it’s a sensitive issue for most people that just isn’t approached. Yet when the person is thin it’s somehow OK to make a comment of it. It’s not OK. I’ve struggled with gaining weight because of my genetics, and the subject of being thin is a sensitive one, for me, as I’m sure it is with many other people who find the concept of gaining weight to be a real challenge.

This is where my journey into fitness began. I felt undesirable and lacked confidence, so I became almost desperate to change that. I tried working out at the gym for several months and noticed a bit of an improvement, enough at least to give me the confidence boost I needed. However progress was slow. I eventually decided to educate myself more in fitness and nutrition and began working with a personal trainer to develop a plan specific to my needs, being someone who finds it challenging to gain weight (a hard gainer).

What we developed was a workout programme and diet plan that took my gradual gains and gave them the boost they needed. In three months I gained more than the entire year beforehand.

I began sharing my progress more frequently on social media which led to many people wanting to know what I was doing to get these gains. Almost all from guys like myself who were tired of being skinny and just wanted to bulk up a little. To get a healthier look and to feel more confident in themselves.

There is so much information online for working out and gaining weight that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what works from what doesn’t. So I decided to take my own experience and share the ‘how’ with you all, so save yourself the time of trying to go about this alone.

Whilst there are hundreds of online fitness coaches out there, almost all with more experience than me. Where I exceed is being a hard gainer who has lived through my own programmes with great results. This is my area of focus, where I put all my efforts.

I’m here to help people who are tired of being thin, to be the support and motivation that they need. If I can do it, I have no doubt that other people can too. Be who you want to be.

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