Fundamental Muscle and Weight Gain 12-Week Programme


Are you finding it hard to gain weight? Do you want to bulk up and build muscle? If so then this is the programme for you. Over the course of twelve weeks you will follow our complete workout plans and nutrition guidelines to promote muscle growth and weight gain. Enjoy the benefits of being healthier, get focused and build the body you desire. Start today and be who you want to be, in 12 weeks time you will be glad you did.

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Fundamental Muscle and Weight Gain

Twelve weeks workout and nutrition programme

Fundamental Weight Gain is a twelve week programme designed for people who want to build muscle and gain weight, split into three easy to follow phases.

Starting with Phase One you will be introduced to having a workout routine and meal planning, with the aim of progressing every week. The workouts are designed to be easier on newcomers, but will serve as a good introduction to the programme for experienced gym-goers alike.

Phase Two moves into a slightly tougher workout routine with a push towards strength training – essential for building muscle. 

Phase Three has a greater focus on building strength which requires you to lift heavy weights for shorter rep ranges.

This programme provides the tools to plan and log your workouts and meals to effectively reach your goals. The workouts are split over four days per week with two main focuses: Pull and legs, and push. Each muscle group is targeted twice per week.

Programme Structure:

  • Programme Overview
  • Goal Setting
  • Measurement Tracking
  • Weekly Planner
  • Workout Routines for all 12 weeks (including tempo, rest, number of reps and sets)
  • Meal Planners for all 12 weeks
  • Macro-nutrient Source Lists (to help meal planning)
  • Supplement Information
  • Vitamins and Minerals Information
  • Calorie Intake Calculation Tables
  • Examples